Iain Sinclair

Iain Sinclair Affiliate Program

Affiliates of Iain Sinclair can make serious money advertising our products using a specially provided link that allows them to earn up to 20% commission on certain products… PLEASE APPLY HERE.

Who qualifies as an Iain Sinclair Affiliate?

  • People who are passionate about selling better products.
  • People who understand and value the excellence of our designs.
  • People who want to market high quality products and brand.
  • People who have an expert knowledge and understanding of their target market(s).
  • People who actively publish updates about their life and work on blogging sites.v
  • People who want to partner with a brand that has been at the height of innovation since 1964.

Why Become an Iain Sinclair Affiliate?

You will be partnering with a company that has designed/developed many highly innovative world's first products. Some examples include:

  • The World's smallest radio (1964)
  • The World's first digital clock (1965)
  • The World's first pocket television (1966)
  • The World's smallest integrated hi-fi amplifier (1967)
  • The World's first pocket calculator (1972)
  • The World's first mass market digital watch (1975)
  • The World's first ultra thin torch/flashlight (1987)
  • The World's Astra satellite receiver & dish (1987)
  • The World's first smart torch/flashlight (1991)
  • The World's first ultra thin & disposable torch/flashlight (1993)
  • The World's thinnest, lightest & sharpest utility knife (1999)
  • The World's first credit card sized HD camera (2010)

Our affiliate programme allows you to link directly from your website to iainsinclair.com, serving your users with the highest quality designer products and allowing you to earn commission on every completed sale your site generates!

Our affiliate programme is run through our affiliate partner network; simply fill out the online application and once you have been approved onto the network and Iain Sinclair program you can start earning commission immediately.

Earn Commission:

For every new customer your site directs to iainsinclair.com you'll earn a competitive 20% commission on their first sale.

You can also pick up simple text links, static and animated banners and emails to send out to any registered user.

We offer exclusive deals to our best content affiliates to help them drive higher sales.

Market Leading EPC's (Earning Per Clicks), Landing Page Conversions and WOW Factor:

We continually test our site, product landing pages and sales funnel for maximum customer conversions. It's our guarantee to you that we will deliver maximum profit AND customer 'wow' factor, making you look great in front of your customers while maximizing your site's earning potential!

Affiliate reporting:

Through our affiliate partner network you'll have access to daily reporting on the number of sales you've generated and the commission you've earned, and will be paid on a monthly basis.

The team at our affiliate partner network will be on hand to assist with queries, integration and helping you to grow your sales with the Iain Sinclair programme.

If you would like some further information please sign up with our affiliate network partner here and then any questions can also be answered.


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