Iain Sinclair


Cardsharp customer quotes

“I first found out about the cardsharp when I bought mine two years ago at a local gunshow and I must say i was instantly attached. The quality of your knives is spectacular and the durability is unmatched It still works as well today as the day I bought it and trust me its been through alot. It's been camping its been on my travels its been in and out of my wallet thousands of times and is still a reliable tool. It is scratched nicked worn and in some places torn. But it still remain in my pocket daily. I personally would like to thank you for making such a awesome product and I want you to know you will never lose my loyalty as a customer.” Jake Plohman

"Hello, I received the Cardsharp in due time and I am perfectly satisfied with it ! Thank you for this great piece of mancraft, keep up the good work !" Louis

Cardsharp Press Quotes

'When it comes to camping and hiking, size is an important factor. The smaller the better, as it’s often easier to carry that way. And you won’t find many knives smaller than the CardSharp2 by Iain Sinclair’ Purewander.com

'Iain Sinclair’s CardSharp is doing for pocket knives what the MacBook Air did for laptops’ InStash

'Swiss Army Knife has nothing on this credit card blade’ DVICE

'Cleverly engineering a surgically sharp blade into a stashable credit card shape, the classic Iain Sinclair CardSharp knife weighs just 12gT3

'On this year’s “must-have” list for the gadget-lover close to your heart’ MobileMag

'A Folding Knife for Grammar-Nazis’ Wired.com

'Whether you’re an avowed knife enthusiast or just someone who can’t resist a brand new gadget, Iain Sinclair’s Cardsharp Credit Card Folding Safety Knife is a must have’ Geeky Gadgets

'When you just need to carry a blade in your wallet, and to do so in style, Iain Sinclair comes along and designs this fantastic little beauty’ Walyou.com

'If you’ve ever felt the urge to feel more like James Bond, then you need the Iain Sinclair CardSharp.’ Trendhunter.com

'A svelte knife’ Likecool.com

'The best invention ever’ Coolmaterial.com

'It’s a card. It’s a knife. It’s genius’ Incrediblethings.com

'For when you just need to carry a blade in your wallet, and to do so in style, Iain Sinclair comes along and designs this fantastic little beauty’ Sicktek.com

'An interesting toy for gadget lovers’ Techepisode.com

'Now you can play Iron Chef no matter where you go’ Collegekegstand.com

'A beautiful and ingenious design of a utility knife’ Homedecorg

'if you’re just into real good product design the CardSharp is for you, too. Tough design guys need the elegant CardSharp' Getaddictedto.com

'That’s some credit card you’ve got there’ Pocket-lint.com

'Ideal for the hobbyist, camper or fisherman who needs a handy knife to carry light.’ Gadegetgirlreviews.com

'Although very thin, I was surprised at how robust this little knife is’ The Steel Clave

'a very wallet friendly tool’ Candlepowerforums.com

Eon Classic press quotes

'This light is bringing back simplicity’ Candlepowerforums.com

'Highly functional yet simple design’ Industryoutsider.com

'When a flashlight is too bulky, when your phone is low on battery, or when you really need an extra light…the Eon Classic is the utili-tool for you’ Thinkgeek.com

'The perfect companion to the Cardsharp2’ theawesome.com

'The LEDs are ultra bright and white, easily providing enough light to illuminate a dark room or path.’ Thegadgeteer.com